As working in maya, I tried to make my interaction with the software as easy and fast as I could with hotkeys and some other maya tricks. This way I can work more intuitively and quickly. I'll share some of these small script and default maya tricks here.

01. CurveManipToggler: Hold a key to select controller, release the key to manipulate it. Makes selection and interaction faster

02. GimbalLocalTogglerPressing E key when the manipulator is already set to Rotate toggles Gimbal and Local

03. Move your box selection by Holding ALT key
By default in maya, you can move your box selection by using ALT key as you are dragging it. Can be done in viewport and graph editor. Making it a reflex is quite useful

04. Drag the current time with "K" key

By default in maya, you can scrub directly inside the viewport or the graph editor by holding K key.

05. Move falloff in Graph

The graph editor translation tool has a falloff option in the tool setting panel. It is set to Constant by default, you can select between Linear and Exponential. It won't set itself back to constant if you change it, so you can start using W if you want a falloff, and E if you want the constant one.